The Greatest Prayer Request Ever

Prayer in the Bible #4 | with Daniel Whyte III

TEXT: Exodus 33:11-23

Last week, we saw how Moses interceded for His people after they had sinned greviously in God’s sight and worshipped a golden calf. God decided not to destroy the children of Israel, but the Levites who still stood with God went through the camp and killed 3,000 idolaters. As the children of Israel were in great mourning and repentance, Moses went back to talk to God.

God wanted Moses to continue leading the people to the Promised Land, but Moses said that He would not lead them to the Promised land unless God Himself went with them. So God said that He would still go with them. And then Moses made a great prayer request. Charles Spurgeon said it was the greatest request a man ever made of God. Moses said, “I beseech thee, shew me thy glory.”

God agreed to show Moses His glory. He did not show Him His face, for He said, no man could see His face and live. However, God passed by Moses and allowed Him to see his backside.

I. I want you to notice that we often discover God’s glory in a time of crisis.
II. Secondly, I want you to notice that God answered Moses’ prayer request but not in the way that Moses asked.
III. Thirdly, when this prayer was answered for Moses, others knew it before he did.

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