The High Cost of Following Christ, Part 2

How to Handle Persecution, Part 7 | with Daniel Whyte III

TEXT: Matthew 10:23-31:

Today, as we continue our series on persecution in the church and how to handle persecution in our lives, I want to draw your attention to this passage in Matthew 10 in which Jesus Christ is telling his disciples what life will be like as they set out to serve Him and spread the gospel. If we read this whole chapter, we will see that Jesus has called his disciples together and He is about to send them out into the cities of Israel to preach that the Kingdom of God has come. But first, he gives them some instructions that they need to take heed to as they go. He also gives them warnings about the six types of persecution they will face as they spread out to preach the Gospel.

Last week, we looked at the first three types of persecution that Jesus tells his disciples that they will face — persecution from authorities, family betrayal, and hatred from others.

I. The first type of persecution the disciples would face is being driven from their homes because of their faith.

II. The second type of persecution that Jesus warns his disciples about is being maligned and mistreated.

III. The third type of persecution that Jesus’ disciples would face is the ultimate sacrifice — death.

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