Three Reasons to Believe the Miracles of the Bible

100 Days of Preaching the Gospel #58 | with Daniel Whyte III

SCRIPTURE — John 20:30-31: “And many other signs truly did Jesus in the presence of his disciples, which are not written in this book: But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name.”

Some people seem to think that the Bible is a book of fairy-tales. That it is full of fantasy stories that you tell children, but all of it is certainly not historically true. A lot of these people discount the Bible because it is full of supernatural, seemingly unbelievable, events called “miracles.” Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines a “miracle” as “an extremely outstanding or unusual event, thing or accomplishment. An event manifesting divine intervention, a wonderful occurrence.”

Scholars tell us that there are nearly 60 miracles recorded in the Old Testament and over 40 miracles recorded in the New Testament. These miracles range from the splitting of the Red Sea, the Israelites being healed by looking at a bronze serpent, and Balaam’s donkey talking, to Elijah raising a boy from the dead, Jesus turning water into wine, and Jesus and Peter walking on water. As John’s Gospel tells us, Jesus did many more miracles than those recorded in the Bible. But, still, the Bible is simply full of miraculous events.

How do you respond to miracles? Scientists have spent a great amount of time trying to explain the Bible’s miracles in natural terms. They say that the Nile turned to blood because of algae or that the first born children all died because of bacterial growth in the grain stores which only affected the top part of the grain which the first born children would eat. Or that the Red Sea crossing happened because of an exceptionally low tide – a low tide which then amazingly drowned the entire Egyptian army.

Thomas Jefferson, the writer of the Declaration of Independence, didn’t believe in the Bible’s miracles so much so that he made his own book made up of Bible pages with the miracles left out.

Is that the right attitude to have the miracles in the Bible? Of course, none of us were there when the events happened. But the Bible is not a book where you can pick and choose what you believe. All of the Bible is God’s Word, and you must decide to believe all of it or reject all of it. Today, I am going to give you three reasons why you should believe the miracles of the Bible.

1. The first reason why you should believe the miracles of the Bible is because they are numerous and well documented.

2. The second reason why you should believe the miracles of the Bible is because they were done publicly

3. The third reason why you should believe the miracles of the Bible is because they were always performed with restraint.

+ Plus, listen to Newsboys singing “Miracles” and Deitrick Haddon singing “Sinner’s Prayer”


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