How to Pray for a Nation (Part 5)

TEXT — Daniel 9:9-19

Tonight, by the grace of God, I want to continue our series titled “How to Pray for a Nation” based on Daniel’s prayer for his people found in Daniel chapter 9. In this series of messages we are looking at what made Daniel’s prayer for the nation of Israel powerful and effective so that we can learn to pray for our own nation in these critical times.

Today, I want us to look at the element of agreement in Daniel’s prayer. To that end, we will be focusing on verses 11 – 17. Throughout his prayer, Daniel made it his business to agree with God. We never get the feeling that Daniel is trying to play games with God or that he is trying to get God to do something that is outside of His will. We specifically see that Daniel agreed with God in three areas.

1. We see that Daniel agreed with God’s evaluation of Israel’s behaviour.

2. We see that Daniel agreed with God’s judgment of Israel’s sin.

3. We see that Daniel believed God’s promises regarding Israel’s restoration.

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