The Importance of Praying for the Authority Figures in Your Life


Praying Through the Bible #61

TEXT: Psalm 72

We are in a series of messages titled “Praying Through the Bible: A Series on Every Passage and Verse Regarding Prayer in the Bible”. The purpose of this series is to encourage and motivate you to pray to the God of the Bible. We highlighted each of these over 500 verses and passages in the Prayer Motivator Devotional Bible. So far, we have done 60 messages in this series.

This is message #61, titled “The Importance of Praying for the Authority Figures in Your Life”

Psalm 72 is a psalm composed by King David for the coronation of his son Solomon. As you might recall, when David was getting old and had to spend most of his time in bed, one of David’s other sons tried to set himself up to be king after his father died. This prompted Bathsheba, David’s wife, and the Prophet Nathan to go and remind David of his promise that Solomon was to be king after him. David affirmed this promise to them both, and shortly thereafter, a ceremony was held crowning Solomon as the next king of Israel. This psalm was written for that occasion and, as you can see from the final verse, is very likely the last psalm that David ever wrote.

However, many Bible scholars see a double meaning in this psalm: not only does it apply to King Solomon, but it applies to the Messiah as well. C.I. Scofield, the man who put together the notes on the well-known Scofield Reference Bible writes that “the Psalm as a whole forms a complete vision of Messiah’s kingdom so far as the Old Testament revelation extended. All David’s prayers will find their fruition in the kingdom [of the Messiah].”

In this psalm, David asks God’s blessings on the reign of his son. While we will draw on the entire psalm for our message today, we are going to focus on verse 15. There are three things that we can learn from David’s psalm regarding how we should lift up the leaders in our lives in prayer. I believe that these lessons not only apply to governmental leaders, but leaders in all arenas: pastors, bosses, husbands, mothers, fathers, and teachers. If you are under some form of authority — and all of us are at some point in our lives — the Bible has something to say to you about how to pray for the leader or leaders who are over you.

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